These are the Top 10 Best Health & Fitness Apps For iPhone 2019

Today is the whole new time of fitness. Everyone wants to look fit and want a good physique as this has become a competition. On every new year around one out of ten take the membership of a gym and very few go regularly to the gym.because of laziness or another main reason as they have to go out and then do it around many people and doubt themselves. So, today we are going to talk about the best health and fitness app which guide you at your home and you don’t have to hesitate to do your workout. You can do it whenever you are free just open the app as start it on your daily bases. Now the question arises which is the best app for fitness and health? so today in this article we are going to talk the best app that can make you healthy and fit.

There are so many apps that give you guaranty to make you ft in a specific time. But trust me it all depends upon you. As today we have so much updated fitness apps as they give us the sets of exercise and note the timing and also gives a full schedule of diet.You can also contact professional dieticians and fitness trainer for your personal coaching guidance ar home through the app. But these apps which contain these feature demands for some amount.If you people have the right app for your diet, exercises then you are in to be fit.

We are very much in need of these fitness apps. I personally find out this pass way better than going to the gym and doing exercise. As you can all do your workout easily at home without going anywhere or also somepeople don’t get time to go to the gym and do there this is the best app for busy people like whenever you get time just do your exercise it’s easy and simple.

As we did huge research to find out the best top ten health and fitness apps for you amount hundred of them.As it was a tough one because you have to go for single details to find out the best one. The ios offer us a very improved quality of all things and when it comes to heat then how can it be in the back. It offers you all kind of apps form maintaining your diet to losing your weight and also helps to maintain stress in the life of exertion.

Today our main focus to give you the list of best fitness apps and here are the top 10 fitness apps.

1. Fitbod

A fit body is in number one in our list for the best health and fitness app. This is the best app for the weight lifter as today we find that everyone is in the race of weight lifting and like to do these hard type of exercises. This will give you the full schedule of all exercise and there sets and will also show you day by day chat so you can easily measure your daily workout. It’s like having your own trainer at personal training and the best thing all free of cost.


2. RunKeeper

Runkeeper is in the second for the best health and fitness app. As if you are looking for running workout so this app is for you. As you are lazy and find laziness  in the time of running but want to do then fo for this app as it will remind you according to your given time of running and Reach your running goaThe best thing is that it is attached with our GPS service which checks how much we had run and also make the table of our weakly workout.


3. MyFitnessPal

This app is best for the weight loss and weight gain as with the help of Myfitnespa app you can easily check you all the diet.What you’ll eat for breakfast or for lunch and diners and your snacks.It gives you a full chart of your daily diet and You can also scan the things with a barcode which you are eating.So you can easily measure your amount what you are feeding.This app is best for those who want to maintain their diet and want to make themselves fit with there food.This is in number three in our list because it offers you way different and best feature.


4. Fitness Point

Fitness point is in number fourth n our list as t shows the professional features.It is also a gym based app where you can do all the wight lifting exercise to tone your body.I find out that this app is mainly male-oriented. All exercises are with male models and workout plans are designed for male’s needs.It also offers the pro version so If you are female, you should consider purchasing another Pro version. Create a personal workout or select one of the pre-defined workout plans to get you started right away.Just you have to find what you are looking for is suitable for this app or not.


5. Strava

In this app you can easily track your fitness activity with you can also Record your run, map a cycling route & analyze your training with all the stats through its GPS service.  Whether you’re training for a marathon or simply love taking your bike out for a ride, turn your smartphone or GPS watch into a sophisticated tracker with Strava. Join millions of athletes and active people and reach your fitness goals.It is all free of cost.


6. Fitocracy

Fitocracy motivates you and helps you succeed at fitness and level up in real life. We make exercise fun! Track your workouts, earn points, unlock achievements, beat quests, and slay the laziness dragon. Join the best fitness community on the planet and become the person you were meant to be. Work with expert trainers who will help you reach your fitness goals. Easily track any workout you can imagine. Use any of our free workouts or make up your own. Stay motivated by joining the awesome Fitocracy community and meeting other fitness-minded folks.


7. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club users love our short, body-weight only workouts to get results even when life gets in the way. Our daily “Picks For You” are based specifically on your routine. The more you train with Nike Training Club, the more personal your recommendations become.Welcome to Nike Training Club, your Ultimate Personal Trainer. Get fit with 185+ free workouts from strength and endurance to mobility and yoga — featuring our world-class Nike Master Trainers in every drill. Don’t have two hours a day to get the body you want?


8. Fit Radio

Sometimes nothing makes us feel uninspired like slow music or listening to the same playlist over and over again. Music plays an important role in fitness. It is fun, energetic, and most of all it should surprise you.It contains a good list of music with DJ songs and also connected with radio songs to make you more energetic That means our mixes maintain a consistent & energetic tempo, our songs are specifically selected and arranged to help you get the most out of your sweat session.As this is in number eight because it is a motivational app with amazing music.


9. FitnessBuilder

In this app, You’ll fing alot more exersice even more then400.You can all adjust you schedule in this app according to your will.It also improves your weakly chart.It’s also the definitive app for fitness professionals, coaches, and physical therapists.Completely rebuilt from the ground-up, FitnessBuilder 5 is here! This comprehensive fitness experience is *the* portable personal trainer that completely guides your fitness lifestyle. FitnessBuilder is for everyone, whether you are new to fitness or a seasoned veteran. Its all free of cost.


10. C25K 5K Trainer

The  C25K offers us amazing features that we all wish in a fitness app.It offers you all kind of workout from warm uo to cool down and also make your schedule of the workout.You can also share your progress with your friends through Instagram facebook and many more.The best thing about this app is that it offers you its songs to boost up and motivation. It’s all audio which tells you what to do now and when to stop. It also has a pro version which also offers amazing features.


What are the best free workout apps?

As we know these fitness apps are to motivate us to stay fit and healthy and be stress-free in the time of exertion. As today if we are talking about the best free workout app then I’ll say it is according to your preference and what you really want for your body then go for the app which you want.

If you like a yoga training person than you should go for the app that gives you more instruction about yoga exercise and that relax you in a deeper way. That offers you good stretching  and many more

And if you are looking for weight training or like cuts and curves for you then you should go for that kind off app which will give you best about it and best diet according to it.

As considering the choice of all I personally choose these best ten apps that will offer you most of It and you don’t have to look for more in other I think these are going best for you. As I did my work now it’s up to you which you like the most of these ten to make your body perfect.


As we today talked about the best ten health and fitness app. Today we are very much getting through our phone as who had thought of to exercise at home with full training and dietician charts and even free of cost. People are very much busy with there life and work as they get so less time to focus on them and are not able to set there time with there gym or yoga class timing. So for all of us these apps are the best for us.just you have to find your best app which suits you the most. As some may like doing some will go app that is more with yoga teaching some will go for weight training apps. So ts app up to you just select your best app according to your preference and download it and stay fit.

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