TapeACall Pro: Call Recorder iOS Hack (Unlimited Recording, Premium) Download 2019’s Edition

I am pretty sure that TapeAcall modified app is best for you for the recording your call as we know it today’s time we get calls for a lot of important stuff and many of the time we forget what he/she sad to you about that work and it seems irresponsible to call again for that work. If you have ever been stuck in this kind of situation then go for the call recording modified the app. And many of the time we have to buy many grocery stuff at home and we usually forget those things that for asked us to bring so why not record it.

I’ll tell you many cases in which this app will help you in its best. As this app is also best for any crime or blackmailing issues to adjust record the call of blackmailer and present it as a proof. You can also record the calls of your loved ones so you can listen to there voice whenever you like to. If you are similar to one of any situation and find this app the most preferable the go for this app for sure. (tapeacall pro free download ios) This’ll record all your voice calls and you don’t have to get in pressure to remember the things that you had in your call.

Well, there is no doubt that this is the best call recording app that records all your calls, Ths amazing app records both the national and international calls and all the recording get saved in the files and you can also share these files through other social networking apps like mail WhatsApp and many more. If you are thinking that it’ll burn your mobile data then you are wrong that it doesn’t even need the internet to record your calls just need mobile data when you want to install. It’ll take 5 to 6 sec to download it on your device and also need a bit of space on your device.

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There are hundreds of calling apps available in the app store but this s the best one for your device as it offers the best features that TapeAcall must have. And the best thing is that you’ll not get any time error to record your calling you can record it as long as you want to but you cannot record the other apps call recording like you can’t record the WhatsApp call recording only the apple phone recording. While there’s a large selection of call recording apps in the App Store, almost all of them are nothing more than clones of each other. (tapeacall pro for iphone free download) Not only that but all the apps worth using either required a monthly subscription or need to be paid for outright, which can cost you a lot of money if you end up buying an app that falls short of your expectations.

File Information:

File Name TapeACall Pro: Call Recorder
File Size MB
Languages English, Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish
Compatibility Requires iOS 11.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone
Cost 100% Free
Hack Mod
  • Free Cost
  • Pro W/Unlimited Recording
  • Pro W/Unlimited Recording
  • Pro w/Completely Unlimited Recording
  • Word Searching
  • TapeACall Pro w/Completely Unlimited Recording
  • Pro w/Completely Unlimited Recording

Features of TapeACall Pro iOS Hack:

  • It’s free of cost
  • It’s ad-free.
  • You don’t even need a jailbroken device to download it.
  • Its safe for your device and secure for you as it also have privacy policies.
  • You can record your calls without any time limit.
  • You can record International and domestic calls
  • You can transfer recordings to your new devices
  • You get an option to upload your recordings to Dropbox!
  • You can email your call recordings to yourself
  • You can share recordings via SMS, Facebook or Twitter
  • You can make names and label of recordings so you can easily find them
  • Recordings available as soon as you hang up call
  • Users can access to call recording laws
  • It’s the cheapest way to make international calls

How TapeAcall modified version works?

TapeACall modified version works by creating a 3-way call between you, the caller you want to record, and our TapeACall service. When you’re on a call you want to record, simply open the TapeACall app and press record. The app will dial our TapeACall access number and begin recording as soon as we answer. Simply merge the calls, creating a 3-way conference call, and your conversation will be recorded.

Is TapeAcall modified version safe to use?

Many have questions with the like is it safe for them or their device? And for those, its answers are Yes! TapeAcall is fully safe for your device. You can easily download it on your device and don’t worry about whether it is safe or not. The apps that download these modified versions offer us policy regarding safety. Like all the app that is available in the third party app store will not harm any device or the owner of the device. As they take the full guaranty of the there apps and take full responsibility of all the apps that they offer to you. So you don’t need to worry to download those apps. As they are fully secure for you and make your content in-app safe.


Federal law permits recording telephone calls and in-person conversations with the consent of at least one of the parties but your state may have a different consent law. California, for example, has a two-party consent law, which means you have to obtain permission from the other person(s) before you can initiate recording. Know your state laws before attempting to record a conversation.

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Download TapeACall Pro iOS Hack Latest Version:



Download & Install App on your iPhone Device From Third-Party:


How to Install App on your iPhone Device From Direct-Link:

1. Click on the given link above.
2. After visiting the site. Now you’ll see “revoked :c OR get “ (on the right)
3. Click on the option “revoked”
4. Wait for 5 seconds
5. Now you’ll get an option “open this page on iTunes”.
6. Click “Open” and “Install.”
7. Go to the home screen you’ll find your app installed.


At the end of the article, I personly find out this tape call modified version as the best app for recording all your calling conversation. And this is all free of cost and the best thing is that it offers the premium version features. It is legal to use don’t worry whether this is a modified version is as safe as the original version. To download the cracked version of Tapecall app just follow the instruction of section how to download” and you can also watch the video. So just download and record all your important conversations on your device.

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