SPOTIFY++ Premium IPA Hack 2019 (Without Jailbreak) Free Download For iOS

Spotify++ Premium IPA For iPhone is a music streaming app. Also, Spotify++ is a modified version of the official Spotify app. Even, it will offer you various amazing features rather than the official app. Also, This modified version gives you the Spotify premium features which we normally buy through money. As spotify++ is very easy and free to download.


Spotify++ IPA is? so we will tell you Spotify ++ is the “plus plus” version of the original Spotify app. As its name include the ” plus plus “which show that it is more than the normal version. There are many additional features in Spotify ++. If you want to download this app without jailbreak. Then you will get this app with another name which is Spotify Cydia tweak. Also, its developers are tweak developer and cracker Julio Verne.

So the amazing thing about Spotify ++ is that you will get all the features without any cost. Which you normally get those feature with Spotify premium by paying. Also, it gives you access to all premium features for free on your free account.

You can download spotify++ without tutu easily on your ios 10 devices. And get the advantage of amazing features rather than the normal one and these features are for free.  Spotify is available in many regions(approx 65). But as people are getting more features from Spotify ++. So, this modified version is also coming in demand very much and in many regions. Now its time to discuss how to get it on IOS 10 easily?

So we are talking again and again about this that you don’t have to pay single money to download it. It’s always interesting to get free things and you are lucky to have it. But many people are not aware of this so just try to share this with you near ones. So they can also enjoy its amazing features. Also, first, you download this and also make aware people of these amazing features by sharing. To download it on IOS you have to search it with another tweak. Not with spotify++. you can then easily download it without jailbreak.

Why SPOTIFY Premium is better than the original Free SPOTIFY?

When you download official Spotify then you have two methods to download:

  • 1st method is for free
  • 2nd method is for Premium.

Spotify free is free of cost but with very limited features. And while using the app you will also be distracted by adds. So everyone likes to go for the premium option but that option requires money. But now you not need to worry about this issue as we introduce with Spotify ++. It gives you all the premium features without paying. Personally, this modified version is my favorite one. I also prefer this to enjoy lots of features for free.

The free version has many limited features. As every time you use you will think for a premium or extra features. The free version additionally has many limits. Like you can’t listen offline, you can’t choose a song and play it immediately and many other. At this time you will think for premium which cost $9.99for month. So just forget about the free and premium one and go for spotify++.

Also, the user can easily play the music on their smartphones by using this app. And there are millions of songs which gives the users the access at any time and at anywhere. Therefore, it is a music, video streaming and podcast streaming service which is one of the best music streaming app. It is available at Google Play Music and Apple Music.

Spotify++ Premium Free:

Normally those people who are not aware of Spotify Premium Student will choose the free version. So very sure people will think for the premium version or another is Spotify++. As is premium they have to pay for all those features which they can’t get easily without any cost. So in the end, you will choose the modified version as it is best for you. People are not using this modified version because they are not aware of this. Soon you will get this version you will just love this. To download this you have to just read below and enjoy it!

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Download File Information:

File NameFree Spotify Premium
File Size68.90 MB
LanguagesEnglish, Arabic, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese
CompatibilityRequires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Cost100% Free
Hack Mod
  • Unlimited Skips, Seeking is enabled, Spotify Premium, extreme Quality stream, No ads
  • Premium, Free of Cost, Without Jailbreak

SPOTIFY++ Premium Advantages:

    • The best feature of Spotify ++ is that it is advertisement free.
    • You can shuffle by your own choice
    • There are Unlimited Skips.
    • You will get the extreme Quality stream.
    • You can easily Import songs from the Music app.
    • Spotify++ is free of cost


Through this amazing feature, users can listen to all podcasts audios. Like you can listen to all the famous motivational speakers audio. Even on your daily bases. And this feature is free in the app whereas many apps require some cost.

Library of music:

In this modified app, users can enjoy a library of music. Like you can listen to any music. Even its from the old ’70s. And also yesterday’s release. Just type and get the music.

Introduce lyrics:

Well, many times we have to search the lyrics separately. But now you don’t have to as this modified app allows us to all the lyrics of any music. Also along with the play.

Offline mode

Download albums, playlists, and tracks. Also, bring your music with you anywhere using our offline mode for up to three devices.


Build your personal music collection simply by marking albums, artists, tracks, and playlists as your favorite.

It’s free of cost:

Spotify++ modified version is free of cost as it offers all the premium version features. And you don’t have to pay a single amount to get these amazing features.

It’s safe to use:

We all have doubt that the modified app is not original so it sums that may not be safe. But there is nothing like that.  Also, this modified version of the Spotify app is as safe as the original version.

No jailbreak required:

Mostly modified version demands a jailbroken device to get the download. Also, you can download it through a third-party app.

It’s Ads free:

This modified app will offer you its wonderful feature that you always wished to have in your music app. That is you can block those annoying ads that pop up while listening to songs.

What’re New improvements:

  • We’re always making changes and improvements to Spotify++. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, just keep your Updates turned on.
  • Bug fixes and improvements in this version include:
  • Fixed stability and performance issues

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Spotify++ iOS Hack Download:



App Download or Install on your iPhone Device From Third-Party:


How to Install App on your iPhone Device From Direct-Link:

1. Click on the given link above.
2. After visiting the site. Now you’ll see “revoked :c OR get “ (on the right)
3. Click on the option “revoked”
4. Wait for 5 seconds
5. Now you’ll get an option “open this page on iTunes”.
6. Click “Open” and “Install.”
7. Go to the home screen you’ll find your app installed

Spotify++ Not Working/ “Unable to Download App” issue

Sometimes you can see that these app stop working on your device this is. Because IOS ban these apps very soon as Apple doesn’t like tweaked apps. You will see after a limited time it will start working in a disabled manner or will stop working. While this happens you’ll get the “Untrusted Enterprise Developer…”.so, this time don’t agree with it in the Settings app.  You’ll be notified.

Unable to Download App

Sometimes you are just unable to download or sometimes downloaded apps don’t work.  Also,  wait for the third party app (Tutu, tweak box, etc) to sign in and update it again. So, it can work in a good way. Just you have to wait patiently for the third party to sign in and you will get the solution.

If your device is jail-broken

If your device is jailbroken then it’s amazing for you. You will get it easily. Set up this tweak that works for your device. The names could be Cydia tweak or Cydia Extender that objectives at signing IPA apps automatically.

Use paid services

this service is one of the motives that make the app die quickly. If you don’t want that so third parties provide a paid service. That keeps signed apps operating in a long time. Their charges you for this which is affordable. It’s not gonna be like  Spotify premium subscription which is very costly. And the package gives you many other app features. Like tweaked apps including YouTube++, MovieBox, AirShou, game Emulators…


Que. What are the difference in sound quality b/w Spotify and Spotify premium?

Ans. I find the biggest difference is around cymbals and especially hi-hats and is most noticeable in quieter pieces. The difference is more pronounced when I listen on my studio headphones than my wifi.

As someone said, you can always compare this yourself. Rip the same track from a CD (not a CDR you’ve made, something bought) at 160kbps OGG. And 320kbps OGG and see how you find the difference. As I said, best comparisons will be quieter tracks and ones with delicate cymbals.

Que. Does the Spotify Premium Mod IPA have a virus?

Ans.  There are many sites which provide you either a limited 7-day trial version of Spotify or fake apps.

Google ‘Dogfood Spotify xda developers’ and go to the first link. There will be a link to download that IPA and then install it. Use a VPN to change your location and sign up for Spotify.


As we know Spotify ++ is the best music streaming app with various amazing features. The best thing about this app is that it is for free. So just don’t waste your time on the normal or limited version. Just download this with the above instructions and enjoy it for free!

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