Pixelmator Pro IPA Hack 2019 (Premium Crack) Free Download

We have heard about different types of photo editing apps. As they all come with the same features. But Pixelmator Pro Crack IPA is better than all and also the different one. Well in this moded app you can have a verity of tools that enhance your photo. You can edit your images, drawing and also can compose your own wallpapers. Well, this moded app allows you to showcase your artistic talent.

All photo editing app requires much effort but Pixelmator IPA Hack is not like that. If you want to give your picture natural and effective look just tap on the picture. Also, you can add more effects if you like to. If you like to add curves or formation in your picture then just go for it. You can change your color complexion. Also, you can change the shape and size. If you want to correct anything in your image you can easily do with Pixelmator IPA Hack app.

Correct any error in your picture. Like you can remove any kind of pimple from your photo. Also can clear your skin at its best like a natural. Also, you can add the dual picture effect which makes images more fun.  There are a variety of tools. Like you can blur your picture wherever you like to. You can also add sharpness in photos. And also add light to dark effect.

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Why Pixelmator Pro IPA Hack is better than official Pixelmator app?

As we have to lead to comparison, Pixelmator IPA Hack has many features than the official app. It contains those that you may not find in the official. Or you can say, it has all the premium app features and all for free. You can make your picture best with this moded app. As it has the best tools for photo editing. You can also paint in this cracked app. Also, you can ad verity of things to your photo. Like, different effects, reshaping pictures, removing marks from skin and also removing unnecessary things.

File Information:

File NamePixelmator Cracked IPA
File SizeMB
LanguagesEnglish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese
CompatibilityRequires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
Cost100%a Free
Hack Mod
  • Premium
  • Free Cost


  • Contain verity of beauty tools.
  • Have verity of brushes for more addition to the photo.
  • Also, can have brushes of different shape and size like a painting brush.
  • You can also make your own masterpiece.
  • Blur wherever you like to.
  • Add different colors like from dark to bright.
  • There is no need for a jailbroken device.
  • It is a very easy app to use with a professional result.
  • It is ad-free.

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Pixelmator Pro iOS Hack Download:



App Download or Install on your iPhone Device From Third-Party:


How to Install App on your iPhone Device From Direct-Link:

1. Click on the given link above.
2. After visiting the site. Now you’ll see “revoked :c OR get “ (on the right)
3. Click on the option “revoked”
4. Wait for 5 seconds
5. Now you’ll get an option “open this page on iTunes”.
6. Click “Open” and “Install.”
7. Go to the home screen you’ll find your app installed.


As a result, Pixelmator Free iOS leads to having the best features. Also, it contains al those features that you may not find in any other app. It has a verity of content like from different kinds of tools and brushes. Users can edit their picture or can add effect to there drawing and also can make their own drawing. It also has a portrait option with different effects. At last, this moded app is not directly available in-app store. To download it, follow the downloading instruction and enjoy!

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