what is Noteshelf 2 Free App?

Noteshelf 2 Free iOS is basically designed as a mobile notebook. Where users can save each and every tho g they like. Also, you don’t have to carry any notebook or pen with you. Because now you have Noteshelf 2 IPA hack app. It allows it’s users with a verity of pens and highlighters. And if you like to mark notes in any word you can also go for that.

This modified app allows it’s users to make diagrams. Like if you like to draw anything you can easily go for that. Also, you can modify the app in your alphabet. Even it gives us Manu formation or charts to make your notes more attractive.

Many think why we should download another app when we have official notes in IOS. Well, that official note only writes your list. But it doesn’t make the charts diagrams and more. So, if you like to make your notes more attractive. You can download this Noteshelf2 IPA HACK app.

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It contains many features that you’ll not find in the official version. Like you can add as many notes you like to. And there is no limitation of words. Even you can make different folders. So it becomes easy to find notes. Also, users can make as passcode in there noted. So, no one can open your personal folders.

Why choose modified noteshelf then official noteshelf?

When we compare both the version. Then Notshelf 2 IPA hack comes first. Well noteshelf 2 IPA hack is the modified app of the official version. And in this modified app users can have all the official app features and all for free. As we know the official app in the app store demands some money to buy. But this modified app comes with all features and for free.

Users can have unlimited features in this modified app. Like you can block those annoying ads that come while studying or making notes. Many times we are in the classroom and typing notes. But ads come in between. So for that, you can have this app. Also, you can ad face ID and as code. To make your notes all safe. So it’s better to have a modified app than the official version.

File Information:

File NameNoteshelf 2 Premium IPA
File SizeMB
LanguagesEnglish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese
CompatibilityRequires iOS 12.0 and watchOS 4.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Cost100%a Free
Hack Mod
  • Premium
  • Free Cost

Features of Noteshelf 2 Pro IPA:

Draw figure:

The best option in this modified app is that you can draw figures in it. Like if you like to make a diagram you can easily draw it.


Now users can easily block those annoying ads. That comes between using the app. Or also which comes while studying. And this distracts us. But in this modified app there is no ad.

Face ID:

Users can secure their notes with face ID and even from passcodes. And you’re all notes are secure with you.

Different pens:

In noteshelf 2 IPA hack app, users can have many pens. Also, you can have colored pens to make your notes more decorative.


Users can also make there different notes in files. As it comes with file option. Store as many notes in different files.

Highlight content:

It like your real notebook with many pens. You can highlight anything you like to. Also with different highlighted available.

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Noteshelf 2 Pro app ios Download Latest Version:


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As a result, Noteshelf 2 IPA HACK app comes with unlimited features. And the best thing is that all the features are free. In other words, users can have unlimited premium app resources and all for free. Also, you can block these annoying ads. Even you can make your files and notes safer. So, if you like to download this modified app the follow the downloading section. And download it for free.