Today is the digital time, everything around us is digital and even our money. The best thing about this time is that If you are going out or anyplace you don’t have to carry many things in your hand or bag only your phone. The phone has replaced everything. And the best thing is today time is that there are very rare chances that you have lost your cash or someone has to steal it from you as the best thing is that everything is in your phone. Just choose the right app for money transfer and all good.

Now the question arse which is the best money transfer app? and you always think of some features for your money transaction apps. the basic one that everyone thinks is that it should be secure, the transactions should be faster and also the server for the transaction should be available all the time to send or receive the money. It should be linked with every bank account so you can send or receive money from anyone. Well, today in this article I’m going to tell you about the best of best money transaction apps where you can find these features and is suitable for you people.

We very well know online transactions are best if you are in an emergency or had forgotten your cash at home where these money transaction apps are a saver for you. Today digital money has become as same as tangible money. Yes, it is as real as the cash.

And we know today most of the business and work are done online and there are employs from different places. And it’s not a time when we send money through speed post and many people avoid going bank as there is a huge line over them and take very much time. so people today only prefer online transaction. As this is the most time saving and easiest thing. Well, today everyone thanks for this option of online transaction.

Every bank today have their online apps and you can also download it to which bank you belong to. But there are many issues with them like many people are linked with more than two banks especially businessmen and its take huge storage in mobile to download all different transaction apps which I found useless and there is also a like these apps take lots of time for transferring money and some times are not linked with some banks which leads to cancelling the transaction. So why not go for other amazing apps that don’t produce these kinds of problems and are best for you. I know you are thinking about which is the best money transaction app.

So I have done research for you people to find out the best 10 apps for you so here are the best ten money transferring apps:

1. PayPal

The improved PayPal mobile app is a secure way to send, receive, and access your money from almost anywhere. With our improved app, you’ll get the convenience you want, paired with the secure transactions you’ve come to trust from PayPal. Plus, there are no transaction fees when sending money to Friends and Family in the U.S. when you use your bank account or balance.


2. Venmo

Venmo is the simple, fun money app for sending cash quickly between friends and shopping at your favorite online stores. Apply for the Venmo card, and you could be on your way to shopping everywhere Mastercard® is accepted in the U.S. Share your new buys, split purchases with Venmo friends to avoid awkward IOUs, and catch up on what your friends are doing on the feed.


3. Western Union

Send money with a few taps and pay for it with your card or start a transfer and complete the payment in cash at a nearby agent location. Your family and friends can receive the money in their bank account, mobile wallet or pick up the cash at more than 500,000 locations in over 200 countries and territories.


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4. Google pay

Google Pay is a fast, simple way to send money to friends and pay online. Getting started with the app or on the web is easy. Just add a card, and you’re ready to go. Google Pay lets you add a card from any bank, then easily update your payment info. Plus, you can see transactions in an easy-to-track place. Pay your friends, or better yet, get paid by them with Google Pay. No more IOUs. No more bank transfers. Just a quick way to pay using the cards already in your wallet.


5. Apple Pay cash

An Apple Pay Cash credit balance can be used for making payments using Apple Pay (including within supported apps where Apple Pay is offered as a payment option), but I cannot be used for iTunes Store, App Store or iBooks Store purchases: Send, receive, and request money with Apple Pay – Apple Support.


6. LoopPay

LoopPay has been active in several countries, including the US and South Korea, for a while and is now available in the UK too. It is a platform that allows you to pay for goods and services simply by waving your device near a cash register instead of swiping a credit card or doling out your payment information, a bit like Apple Pay or Google Pay on rival phones.


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7. Dwolla

Dwolla, for those unaware, is a company attempting to disrupt how payment networks operate by creating a network that’s devoid of personal information. With the service, users can send and receive funds to and from other Dwolla users as well as with a select group of supported merchants. But most importantly, Dwolla’s distinction from other players in the payments space is its focus on cash, an under-represented market in electronic payments. Users fund Dwolla accounts with cash from their own bank account, and can then use the company’s Web-based platform or their mobile phone to perform the payments at rates that are often far less than on PayPal.


8. Square Cash

It’s on Friday. You wake up to a $15 Cash App notification. A pal paid you back for that pizza you shared. Your balance now reads $172.30. You use your new money to get $1 off coffee with your personalized Cash Card. You even hit up the ATM after. 5 PM. Direct deposit hits. Do you buy Bitcoin, or do you cash out instantly to another bank? With Cash App, you decide. It is safe SAFE, It protects payments with Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode, It is fast.


9. WorldRemit

Quick, simple and secure to use – WorldRemit is a better way to send money. We help our customers pay for hospital bills and tuition fees as well as sending money internationally with low fees and guaranteed exchange rates. With WorldRemit your funds can be with family and friends in a matter of minutes.


10. Azimo

Whether you’re supporting your family or doing business internationally, Azimo makes it easy and safe to send money from your phone, at a quarter of the cost of your bank or high street money transfer provider.


Why you should consider using payment apps

As it helps you transfer your money easily

If you have money transfer app there is no requirement of hand cash

These apps are safe and secure just don’t tell your password to anyone.

You can also earn extra money by using these apps.

There became no tension of losing money.

Payment apps aren’t for everyone

Well, this app is only for who have their bank accounts and many of them who like to carry a phone with them. Basically this app is for new generation and for people who have online work or who do their whole things through work. People who don’t know how to use the phone or don’t have ios or other smartphones are not able to use this app. For those users who don’t know this payment method can go for banking transaction through a bank or can have cash in their hand and also if they have a card, they can swipe.


AS we have reached to the end of the article and today we discussed the best money transfer apps and how they work and their amazing features. Money transfer apps are becoming a basic thing in human life as this is the easiest way to transfer money and also a fast and secure one. And the best thing is that you get scratchcards after the transaction in which you get some money. So just go and download your favorite money transferring app.


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